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Learn how to dance, lose weight, get leaner & stronger in a matter of weeks without having to leave your own home. Are you ready for a more self confident, empowered & healthy lifestyle? Join the next generation of online at home fitness training.

Zumba Class

Tier 1

Dancing Ants!

£40 per month

Ideal if you’re seeking to lose weight & beat the blues in a fun, mood lifting & motivating style all in the comforts of your own home. Complete freedom to work at your own pace & piece together your own workout plan. 


  • Access to Pre-recorded Dansation! Sessions 

  • New Sessions Added Weekly!

  • Warm Ups & Cool Downs 

  • Access to my private Facebook Group Community

£10 per week

Burlesque Diva

Tier 2

Glamour Ants!

£40 per month

Learn to become a Burlesque dancer! Ideal if you’re looking to learn how to Burlesque dance, chair dance, lose weight & beat the blues in a fun, mood lifting & motivating style all in the comforts of your own home. New routine every month! 


  • Access to Pre-recorded Burlesque & Chair Dance Sessions

  • New Routines Released Monthly!

  • Learn Chair Dance Tricks!

  • Warm Ups & Cool Down

  • Access to my private Facebook Group Community

£10 per week

Zumba Dance Class

Tier 3

Ambitious Ants!

£60 per month

Full access to Tier 1 & Tier 2 plus more! For those want to lose weight enjoyably & for all my aspiring Burlesquers & Dansation lovers! 
Ideal if you’re; looking to become a Burlesque dancer, become more flexible, learn how to chair dance & ready to gain more results from your daily workout. With access to EXTRA BURNER SESSIONS, focusing on certain muscle groups at a time, this tier is suited to you if you’re ready to commit to getting leaner & loosing weight with freedom to piece together your own workout plan.

  • Full Access to Pre-Recorded Burlesque & Chair Dance Courses

  • Full Access to Pre-Recorded Dansation! Sessions

  • Full Access to Pre-recorded Burner Sessions 

  • Flexibility Sessions

  • New Sessions Added Weekly!

  • 20% Discount to Live classes

  • And everything in the previous tier

£15 per week 


Tier 4

Private Coach Collesso!

£200 per month

I will be your fully dedicated & contactable online fitness coach & new bff. You want to lose weight & tone your body, but you don’t know how to write your own workout plan, use gym equipment or what exercises will be most beneficial for your long term goal? This tier is the one for you! This is an Online Personal Trainer Package including personal 1-1 support, fitness assessment & goal setting, nutrition advice, monthly gym/at home workout plans.


  • Personal Trainer

  • Goal Setting & Fitness Assessment 

  • Monthly Gym / Home Workout Plan 

  • 1-1 Support 

  • Exclusive Sessions 

  • Requests 

  • And everything in the previous tiers

*must book a consultation

£50 per week

To order your tier, click the 'Contact' button & let me know which tier you're ready for & I will personally get in touch to get you started! Or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to enquire!

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Home Fitness 

No Equipment Necessary 


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