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Fun & Motivating Online On-Demand Dansation, Burlesque & Fitness Sessions.

Your online personal 'at home' fitness coach. Are you ready for a more self confident, empowered & healthy lifestyle? Join the next generation of online at home fitness training. Learn how to dance, get leaner, stronger & lose weight in a matter of weeks without having to leave your own home. 

"Having a personal trainer in real life can be quite expensive. Going to the gym I understand can be quite daunting. I’m here to welcome you to the next generation of online at home dance inspired fitness training."
Reaching your fitness & weight loss goals should be a fun & motivating journey. With unique Dance Fit techniques, picked up through many years of both professional training & professional experience within the dance industry - I am here to guide you towards your fitness & weight loss goals. Introducing you to a new hobby & bringing you an instant mood booster, all through a fun, sweaty & motivating journey. With the added bonus of achieving it all in the comfort of your own home. 

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“Graduating from The Northern Ballet School, Manchester, UK, in 2012, Anthony has spent the past 9 years working world wide as a talented professional. Anthony, a professional dancer, certified fitness coach, aerial hoop, silks, pole fitness & dance instructor, Optimum Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, owns a passion for helping people reach their personal health, fitness & weightless goals. With expert knowledge, experience & proven results, Ant is an inspiring, dedicated & motivating coach.”


  • Dansation!  

  • Burlesque Classes

  • Chair Dance Lessons

  • Beyoncercise

  • Hit Me “Booty” One More Time

  • 90’s Dance Party Workout

  • 80’s Dance Party Workout 

  • Disco Dance Party Workout 

  • Up to 60min Cardio Dance Sweat Sessions

  • Burner Sessions

  • HIIT Style Workouts

  • Flexibility 

  • Live Feeds

  • Pre Recorded Sessions

  • Goal Setting

  • Fitness Assessments 

  • 1-1 Support 

  • Personalised Weekly Workout Plans

“My aim is to help you make your dance, fitness & weight loss goals become a reality. To bring you an instant mood booster whilst raising your self confidence through a fun & motivating journey, all in the comfort of your own home!”


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